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Giorgia Raqs

Belly Dancer

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Bring a touch of glam to your special event

sample-image Would you like to amaze your guests with some unforgettable entertainment? A Belly Dancer will elevate your event bringing a magical moment of elegance, beauty and fun that everyone will remember.

Giorgia is a professional Belly Dancer with 10+ years in the field. Over the years she has performed in a wide variety of venues and events and for all kind of audiences. Her shows are elegant and joyful and she customises her performances to each audience to make sure your event is unique and perfect.

Giorgia is available to perform at parties, weddings and festivals.

How about booking two dancers for your event?
Giorgia and Bárbara Oriental will prepare a spectacular duet for your audience!

Giorgia can also teach a taster workshop if you feel like learning the moves yourself!

If you would like to know more, please get in touch or read the FAQ.


Giorgia is a professional Belly Dancer based in the Brighton area, UK.

sample-image She had her first encounter with Belly Dance in 2009 when she went to see Belly Dance Evolution, a show directed by the famous American dancer Jillina. Instantly mesmerised by its beauty and grace, she dived headfirst into the world of Belly Dance and started taking classes: almost 15 years later her love for it is still strong and growing!

For the first few years she studied fusion belly dance, until in 2013 she started taking classes with the Egyptian teacher Saad Ismail, student of the world-renowned Master Mahmoud Reda, with which she discovered her biggest and truest passion: Egyptian style belly dance or Raqs Sharqi (as it is known in Egypt). During her time studying with Saad she gained invaluable knowledge about Raqs Sharqi as well as Egyptian folkloric dance styles. Ever since then, she has been committed to learning Raqs Sharqi from native teachers as much as possible, a commitment that over the years has brought her to study with many great Egyptian artists as well as studying Egyptian Arabic to further understand the music and context of the dance.

From 2014 she was also a student of Italian-Tunisian teacher Maryem Bent Anis with which she performed as part of the Maryem Oriental Dancers troupe, bringing the magic and glam of belly dance to stages around Rome.

In 2017 she moved to the UK, where she always continues enriching her dance and widening her education about this beautiful Art.

As an eternal student and lover of all things Egypt, in 2023 she travelled to Cairo to further her studies of Egyptian dance, language, culture and music.


Please see Giorgia's YouTube channel for more performance videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a performance typically include?
In her shows Giorgia dances to a carefully curated mix of traditional and modern Arabic music to showcase different belly dance styles, from the latest Cairo trends to folkloric dances.
The performance can include a variety of props such as silk veils, fans, wings, sword, candle tray, cane or finger cymbals; to provide an additional "wow" factor to the show Giorgia can perform an entrance piece with Shamaadan (traditional candelabra headpiece)!
A performance set lasts 15-20 minutes; you can request multiple sets, and they come with costume changes.
Depending on the wishes of the guests, Giorgia can include an audience participation section, where she encourages people to get up and dance with her.

Can I make requests for the performance?
Of course! Giorgia will be happy to accommodate requests about music, props or costumes, so you can really customise the show to your needs!
Before your event Giorgia will go through all details with you.
Giorgia has a background in customer service so from her you can expect not only great entertainment but also utmost professionalism.

Is Giorgia's performance family-friendly?
Yes it is. Children particularly enjoy watching belly dance because of the colourful, sparkly costumes and they're often the first members of the audience to get up and dance! Giorgia performs in a range of classy, high end costumes to suit all locations and events, and if you prefer a more modest look she can arrange for that too.

What do I need to provide?
You need to provide a sound system, a performance area with suitable flooring and secure changing facilities.

What does a taster workshop typically include?
During a taster workshop Giorgia will teach basic belly dance technique that you're going to put into a fun and upbeat choreography.
The duration of the workshop can be up to 2 hours depending on your requests.
This workshop is designed for people of any age and gender, who would like to try an alternative fun activity for a birthday, hen party, work party etc.

What's the price of a performance/workshop?
The price of a performance or workshop varies depending on your requirements and on date, time and location. They both can be tailored to different needs.
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss the details! To receive a quote, please make sure to provide the following details: event date & location, show start time, number of sets you require and approx. number of guests.

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